Life Skills Services

We help people with disabilities develop skills that enhance their independence and quality of life. They can learn cooking, budgeting, hygiene, and more.


At Ray Graham Association (RGA), we know how important it is for your loved one to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. That’s why we offer opportunities for them to learn new skills, make friends, and have fun. They will enjoy cooking, shopping, and exercising with the support of caring staff and volunteers. They can also take part in various classes that match their interests and goals.

The community is our classroom when we volunteer with organizations like Meals on Wheels, Feed My Starving Children, West Suburban Community Pantry, and more. Your loved one will be proud of their contributions and so will we. 

About Life Skills Services

Find out how Monarch Services can help young adults with disabilities during times of transition. We offer five flexible services that promote lifelong learning and independence.
We offer opportunities for people with disabilities to explore their interests and passions. Art, music, gardening, and more are at their fingertips through CLS activities and outings. Learn more.
We provide one-on-one coaching for people with disabilities who want to achieve their personal goals. They set personal goals, practice independent living skills, and foster relationships.
We offer behavioral health services for people with disabilities and their families with access to counseling, assessment, and treatment from licensed professionals.


  • Personalized Learning: Your loved one will have the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge that are tailored to their individual needs and interests. Whether it is cooking, gardening, or art, they will be able to pursue their passions and hobbies with guidance and encouragement from our skilled instructors.
  • Social Connections: Your loved one will be able to form meaningful friendships and relationships with other people who share their experiences and challenges. They will also have the chance to interact with the wider community and participate in various events and outings that foster social inclusion and belonging.
  • Empowered Choices: Your loved one will be empowered to make their own decisions and choices about their life and future. They will be able to express their preferences and opinions, and have a say in the planning and delivery of their services. They will also be able to access advocacy and support services that respect their rights and dignity.

About Ray Graham Association

We’re dedicated to providing the best care and support for your loved one and your family. We aim to meet each person’s unique needs, goals, and dreams while improving their quality of life. We serve nearly 2,000 people with disabilities and employ about 300 team members, empowering them to reach, grow, and achieve.


If you want to learn more about Ray Graham Association services, you can email or call (630) 620-2222.


of every dollar you donate goes directly to help people with disabilities reach, grow, and achieve.

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