Who We Are

Learn about RGA, a nonprofit that provides person-centered services for people with disabilities and their families. Meet our people, see our impact, and discover our values.


Our Life-Changing Story

Founded in 1950, Ray Graham Association (RGA) empowers those we serve and those who care for them to reach, grow, and achieve. We believe in your loved one and are dedicated to providing the best care for them and your family. With you by our side, we’re meeting the unique needs, goals, and dreams of the nearly 2,000 people with disabilities we serve and the 300 people we employ.

Our Award-Winning Leadership

Our executive team, Board of Directors, and RGA Council work together to foster dignity, opportunity, and community for everyone, especially people with disabilities. 

Since 1997, the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) has accredited the quality and consistency of our programs. In 2023, we earned “Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, with Distinction,” This prestigious recognition places us among an elite group of organizations dedicated to supporting people with disabilities.

Our Purpose-Driven Mission

Thanks to your continued support, RGA provides a loving community, stability, and personal care, for people with disabilities. Our goal is to empower people to:

  • Reach their potential by providing access to therapeutic programs, recreation, and family support resources.
  • Grow their future through neighborhood living, life-skills training, and employment opportunities.
  • Achieve their goals by pursuing personalized plans with measurable actions and results.

If you want to learn more about Ray Graham Association services, visit What We Do.

Our Person-Centered Ethos

People with disabilities are at the center of our structure, policies, and procedures. To promote diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, people with disabilities serve on the Board of Directors, RGA Council, and various other committees. Who better to “have a seat at the table” than those we serve?

“In a person-centered culture, all people feel welcome, listened to, and supported in their decisions.”

— Kim Zoeller, President & CEO

A person-centered culture does not only involve people with disabilities, however. We work hard to support everyone who loves and cares for our community, including families and support staff. We advocate with Illinois legislators for a fairly compensated direct support workforce while sharing innovative practices with other providers through the Illinois Self Advocacy Alliance.

Our Ground-Breaking Namesake

J. Ray Graham (1898-1961) was a lifelong public servant. Before being appointed the state’s first Director of Special Education, he was an educator, administrator, and superintendent for various Illinois school districts.  Innovative and pioneering, he advocated for people with disabilities as a civil servant, expert lecturer, and president of the International Council for Exceptional Children and the National Association of State Directors and Supervisors of Special Education.