Our People

Meet the people who make RGA a caring and empowering organization. Our staff, board, and partners are dedicated to our mission and vision.


Our Community

At Ray Graham Association (RGA), we are inspired by the extraordinary people we support. Their strength, resilience, and potential are the driving forces behind our programming and achievements. Our dedicated staff, affectionately known as team members, ensure a nurturing environment for everyone. 

The collaborative spirit of our community, including family members, donors, volunteers, foundations, and sponsors, fuels our shared mission to empower lives.

RGA Council

Established in 2011 through a partnership with the Illinois Self Advocacy Alliance, the RGA Council is a testament to the empowerment of people we support. Comprising self-advocate leaders, the RGA Council addresses vital issues, advocating for meaningful changes within our community.

Our dedicated team, from executive leadership to board members, works in tandem with those we support. Together, we celebrate the unique abilities and contributions of each individual in the RGA family, recognizing their vital role in our shared journey.

Executive Leadership

Led by President & CEO Kim Zoeller, RGA team members are strongly committed to inclusivity, diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. We're also committed to financial responsibility, with 80% of every dollar donated directly benefiting people with disabilities.

Our executive team, Board of Directors, and RGA Council work together to foster dignity, opportunity, and community for everyone, especially people with disabilities. 

Kim Zoeller President & CEO


Kim Zoeller, serving as the President & CEO at RGA since 2010, has been a part of the organization since 1994. Her leadership has significantly expanded RGA’s services, now supporting over 2,000 individuals with disabilities. Kim's strategic vision and commitment are focused on empowering these individuals to achieve their goals and dreams. Her work ensures that RGA continues to provide innovative and individualized support, enhancing the lives of those served.

Kim Zoeller’s advocacy extends well beyond her role at RGA. As the Secretary of the Board and managing board member for Life’s Plan, Inc., she plays a crucial role in guiding the organization. Her leadership positions as Board Chair for the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (IARF), Vice Chair for The Arc of Illinois, and Treasurer for the Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities, allow her to influence policies and service development at multiple levels. A founding member of They Deserve More, Kim is a staunch advocate for improved support and services for individuals with disabilities, significantly impacting their quality of life and access to opportunities.

Russ Brondyke Chief People Officer


As the Chief People Officer at RGA, Russ Brondyke oversees the Human Resources department, focusing on talent development, employee retention, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. His efforts are vital in creating a supportive environment for staff, which directly translates to high-quality care and services for individuals with disabilities. By ensuring that RGA staff are well-trained and valued, Russ plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness and impact of the organization's services.

Under Russ’s leadership, the HR department works to build a culture that values each employee’s contribution, promoting a positive and inclusive work environment. This approach not only benefits the staff but also ensures that the people with disabilities served by RGA receive the best possible support from a dedicated and skilled team.

Mark Langan Chief Development Officer


Mark Langan has led RGA's fundraising efforts as the Chief Development Officer since 2018. With his extensive experience, he manages crucial fundraising strategies, including major gifts and corporate sponsorships, essential for sustaining and expanding RGA’s services. His role in raising over $1.7 million annually is key to enabling RGA to support more individuals with disabilities in diverse and impactful ways.

Mark’s expertise in donor relations and community outreach significantly enhances public awareness and support for RGA’s mission. His leadership ensures that the development team effectively communicates the impact of donations, strengthening relationships with donors and the community. This support is fundamental in providing resources for programs that directly benefit people with disabilities, helping them to lead more fulfilling and independent lives.

Caren Musembi Chief Services Officer


Caren Musembi oversees the quality and range of services offered as the Chief Services Officer. With over 25 years of dedicated commitment to RGA’s mission, her tenure has seen her ascend through various positions. Under her leadership, all programs, services, and supports are provided with a person-centered approach and fully integrated into the day-to-day activities of the organization. She is at the forefront of enhancing service quality while fostering a positive and productive culture for all stakeholders.

Additionally, Caren’s influence extends to the broader community through her service on the Human Services Advisory Committee at College of DuPage, where she contributes her expertise to shape policies and service development for people with disabilities.

Amber Norman Chief Financial Officer


Amber Norman joined RGA as the Chief Financial Officer in 2022, bringing a wealth of experience in finance. She manages the organization’s financial operations, ensuring fiscal health and integrity. Amber’s role in overseeing budgeting and financial planning is crucial for RGA's sustainability, directly impacting the organization’s ability to serve people with disabilities. Her financial stewardship supports RGA's mission, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively.

Amber’s leadership in finance involves collaborating with various departments to align financial strategies with RGA’s goals. This collaboration ensures that RGA’s financial resources are utilized in the best way to support programs and services for people with disabilities. Her work enables RGA to maintain and expand its services, enhancing the lives of those they serve.

Program Directors

Phil Ortiz Director of Properties and Maintenance


Sharon Anderson Director of Quality and Strategic Initiatives


Sharon Anderson, as the Director of Quality and Strategic Initiatives, focuses on excellence and innovation at RGA. Her expertise involves conducting thorough evaluations of programs and implementing improvements that align with best practices in disability services. Sharon's leadership in developing forward-thinking strategies ensures RGA’s continuous adaptation and improvement.

Catherine Campos, MSM Senior Director of Community and Family Support Services


Catherine Campos, MSM, as Senior Director of Community and Family Support Services, oversees a wide array of programs that bridge the people we serve to vital community and family resources. Catherine's adept management ensures RGA programs are not only supportive but also empowering, fostering greater independence and community participation for people with disabilities.

Kelly Stumme Senior Director of Community Living Resources


As Director of Community Living Resources, Kelly Stumme overseeing various living arrangements, ensuring they are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Kelly's focus on quality neighborhood living includes staff training, program development, and resource coordination, all aimed at enhancing the independence and inclusion of people with disabilities.