Life Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching for people with disabilities who want to achieve their personal goals. They set personal goals, practice independent living skills, and foster relationships. 


About Life Coaching

At Ray Graham Association (RGA), life coaching helps your loved one identify and build the skills they need to be happier. Together, we’ll assess their strengths and areas for growth and then customize a plan that fits their unique needs. Sessions focus on specific goals like budgeting, managing time, or finding a job. Your loved one will have guidance as they’re working towards success and overcoming any challenges. With our help, they’ll pursue their dreams and lead fulfilling, independent lives.


  • Personalized Support: Your loved one will have a customized program tailored to their needs and goals. Whether they prefer to learn at home or in the community, we’ll support them every step of the way. 
  • Skill-building: Your loved one will develop the skills they need to live more independently. This may include things like communication, self-advocacy, and community engagement. 
  • Increased Confidence: Your loved one will feel more confident in their abilities and use them to solve problems. 

Our life coaching is the most personalized program we offer. Whether you pay privately or use home-based services funding, it is a valuable investment in your loved one’s future.

About Ray Graham Association

We’re dedicated to providing the best care and support for your loved one and your family. We aim to meet each person’s unique needs, goals, and dreams while improving their quality of life. We serve nearly 2,000 people with disabilities and employ about 300 team members, empowering them to reach, grow, and achieve.


If you want to learn more about Ray Graham Association services, you can email or call (630) 620-2222.


of every dollar you donate goes directly to help people with disabilities reach, grow, and achieve.

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