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We support families who have a loved one with a disability by helping them find the best opportunities and ways to pay for them.

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About Family Support

At Ray Graham Association (RGA), family support is available as you work through questions about caring for a child or adult with disabilities. We’ll help you support your loved one and integrate them into the community. Personal consultations help you navigate service options, explore unique social and healthcare opportunities, and find resources.

Navigating the complexities of the disability services system can be overwhelming. That’s where our coordinators come in. With expertise and knowledge, they’ll help you develop a personalized plan for your loved one and find services that meet their unique needs. Here are some helpful ways we’ll support you and your loved one:

  • Reduce expenses and save money.
  • Access assistance with daily activities.
  • Enroll in our Community Learning Services to further develop skills and engage with the community.
  • Secure employment through our Employment Services.
  • Seek behavioral support, if necessary.
  • Receive support for transitioning from a child-based waiver to an adult-based waiver.
  • Access affordable or free transportation.
  • Gain an understanding of the Illinois Disability System, including Social Security, Medicaid, guardianship, trusts, and letters of intent.

We also help with wills and estate planning, approval for home and vehicle modifications, temporary support, and adaptive technology. Also, we can connect you with the Department of Rehabilitation Services and explore innovative housing options such as community-based homes or in-home care providers.


  • Improving Lives: With resources and emotional support, your loved one and your family have a better quality of life.
  • Building Stronger Communities: When your family has what it needs, you can give back to your community. Your community is stronger when they value everyone in your family.
  • Breaking Down Barriers: With our help, your family can break down barriers to opportunities for people with disabilities. Join us in building a world where your loved one can thrive.

RGA no longer offers respite care. Please contact Service Inc. at 815-741-0800 to find the current list of respite care providers.

About Ray Graham Association

We’re dedicated to providing the best care and support for your loved one and your family. We aim to meet each person’s unique needs, goals, and dreams while improving their quality of life. We serve nearly 2,000 people with disabilities and employ about 300 team members, empowering them to reach, grow, and achieve.


If you want to learn more about Ray Graham Association services, you can email or call (630) 620-2222.


of every dollar you donate goes directly to help people with disabilities reach, grow, and achieve.

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