Life's Plan Disability Trust

We partner with Life's Plan to help families plan for the future of their loved one with a disability. We offer trust services that protect their assets and benefits.

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About Life’s Plan

Life’s Plan is devoted to the welfare and financial security of individuals with disabilities and the elderly. We work hand in hand with individuals, families, and legal professionals, offering various trust choices, personalized case-management, technical assistance via legal counsel, professional oversight of expenditures, and low-fee tax services. Life’s Plan stands as the trustworthy custodian, providing the Trust and the Trustee for families in need.


  • Extensive Experience: Your loved one benefits from over 30 years of our expertise in managing Special Needs Trusts. A legacy of excellence guarantees comprehensive financial solutions for the individuals under our care.
  • Affordability and Flexibility: Your loved one’s financial security starts with low minimums of $10,000 to initiate a Trust, unlike other institutions requiring up to $270,000. Our reasonable fees and flexibility ensure that the changing needs of every individual are met while offering families peace of mind.
  • Strong Community Ties: Your loved one is in reliable hands. Our longstanding partnership with the Ray Graham Association reinforces our commitment to deep community connections and exceptional service provision.

Additional Offerings

  • Professional oversight of expenditures and tax services at a prorated low fee.
  • Online access to individual accounts or quarterly statements upon request.
  • An attorney referral pool for assistance in setting up an appropriate Trust.
  • Flexibility in the Life Care Plan to accommodate the changing needs of each individual.