Therapeutic Horsemanship

We offer a unique program that uses horses to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people with disabilities. They can ride, groom, and bond with horses.


About Therapeutic Horsemanship

At Ray Graham Association (RGA), Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) certified instructors teach your loved one while trained volunteers assist. Your loved one can start riding as early as 4 years old and participate in events such as Special Olympics, horse shows, and summer camps.

During lessons, we’ll match your loved one with others who share their experience level. There are seven six-week sessions per year. Fees depend on the type of lesson your loved one chooses: private, semi-private, or group. There is also a five-week course for younger riders called Short-in-the-Saddle. Therapeutic Horsemanship partners with schools, transitional programs, and adult living centers. No matter your loved one's age, riding horses is fun and accessible. At year-round riding lessons, your loved one will ride in an outdoor arena, indoor riding facility, and on paths across our 12 beautiful acres in Burr Ridge.


  • Physical Well-being: Therapeutic riding strengthens your loved one’s core muscles and increases flexibility. 
  • Social Well-being: Riding a horse helps your loved one make new friends, deepen relationships, and feel a sense of belonging. 
  • Emotional Well-being: Horseback riding will help your loved one build relationships and improve interpersonal skills.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Want to make a positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities? Come and volunteer with us! No prior experience is necessary. There are riders of all ages and skill levels that you can help!

“My love of horses brought me to RGA. The benefits to the riders, the friendships with other volunteers, and the caring for the animals are some of the positives that I look forward to every week.”

— Mimi, therapeutic riding volunteer

Volunteer Requirements

  • At least 13 years old
  • Attend a two hour training orientation covering protocols, horse grooming, tacking and leading horses.
  • Enjoy interacting with people and animals
  • Able to walk alongside the horses in varied weather conditions
  • Fill out online volunteer application

About Ray Graham Association

We’re dedicated to providing the best care and support for your loved one and your family. We aim to meet each person’s unique needs, goals, and dreams while improving their quality of life. We serve nearly 2,000 people with disabilities and employ about 300 team members, empowering them to reach, grow, and achieve.


If you want to learn more about Ray Graham Association services, you can email or call (630) 620-2222.


of every dollar you donate goes directly to help people with disabilities reach, grow, and achieve.

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