• Discover RGA

    Discover RGA

    Dive into the world of RGA, a beacon of support for nearly 2,000 individuals with disabilities in DuPage County and beyond. We offer a spectrum of services, including recreational, residential, employment, and life skills, elevating lives every day.

  • Elevate Your Career

    Elevate Your Career

    Embark on a journey beyond just employment. Be a community pillar, improve lives, and grow your career with the RGA team. Enjoy exceptional benefits and a vibrant work environment. Your perfect fit awaits.

  • Support Your Neighbors

    Support Your Neighbors

    Enjoy RGA's social, educational, and philanthropic events and network with like-minded individuals. Be a part of the fun while supporting your neighbors.

  • Make An Impact

    Make An Impact

    Volunteer with us and be the cornerstone of change and support in people’s lives. Numerous opportunities to make a tangible difference await you at RGA.

  • Advocate for Change

    Advocate for Change

    Stand with RGA in our relentless advocacy for a living wage for Direct Support Professionals in Illinois. Be a voice for change, support life-saving treatment and life-giving encouragement.