Family Support Services

Supporting Families

We offer educational seminars, personalized consultation, and support in navigating service options to find the best fit.  We help ensure that funding is maximized to meet these needs and that above all, these programs will support the interests and priorities that are important to each person with a disability and their family.

 We believe in a person-centered approach – involving those we support and their families in creating a plan that addresses what’s important to them and developing goals based on those priorities and interests.   We see life as a team effort and working together as a strength.  Partnership is something we value.

In-home Respite Voucher Services

This family-directed respite program provides short-term, temporary care for people with developmental disabilities who are living at home.  It offers parents and family members a break from the daily demands of caring for their loved one.  Respite resources can be used to hire someone to provide direct care or they can be used to purchase services (like a park district program) that offer a structured, safe and supervised activity which allows a break for the primary caregiver.

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Home-based Support Services

Navigating services and eligibility guidelines for people with disabilities can be exhausting and overwhelming for families, but our Support Services Planning Team helps each person and his/her family or legal representative identify and choose the services needed in order to live successfully at home.

People can choose from a range of services that include monitoring expenses to maximize the use of available funding; accessing resources so each person can spend his/her day in a meaningful way (which may include spending time at a Community Learning Center); securing employment; arranging for behavioral intervention/counseling; coordinating a seamless transition from a child-based waiver to an adult-based waiver; and acquiring transportation assistance.

We’re happy to answer your questions . . .
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Speakers Series

The Speaker Series is designed to bring families and professionals together regarding topics that impact the community. As a result of attending Speakers Series presentations, families feel listened to and supported.  They leave with information and resources so they can best support the unique needs of their family member. Presentations are held three time each year and include topics such as:

  • Navigating the Illinois Disability System
  • Learning about SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Guardianship, Trusts, and Letters of Intent
  • Accessing Services of the Department of Rehabilitation Services and Employment
  • Implications of the Ligas Decree in Illinois
  • Exploring Innovative Housing Options
  • Examining Loss and Grief
  • Utilizing Technology and Maximizing Communication
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